To repay to the society what it has bestowed on me.

-K.B Sanghvi

Mission Statment

As the company grows and rises to newer levels Mr. K.B.Sanghvi, Mr. Umesh.K.Sanghvi and Mrs. Malini Kishore Sanghvi realize more and more of their corporate social responsibilities and try to give back to the society a good portion of what it has bestowed on them.

They are involved in a host of social and civic activities in the field of Healthcare, Education, Women & Child Welfare, Animal Welfare, Housing for the aged and Religious, Spiritual and Charitable activities.

As a humble offering to the Society, the founders of CHEMET have created educational complexes, hospitals and temples in rural areas to impart education, healthcare and financial assistance to the poor and needy.

The Foundation is committed to continually increase their contributions and assisting by a way of financial support and expertise to the less privileged sections of Indian society.


To be a corporate with its strategies, policies and actions aligned with wider social concerns, through initiatives in education, health, environment and socially relevant matters.

CHEMET aims at spending a reasonable portion of their profit to the society by:

  • Providing financial and other assistance to students who belong to socially weaker sections.
  • Supporting efforts for community health and religion in Gujarat District (Karjan) Sumeru.
  • Supporting the programmes and efforts for animal welfare.
  • Promoting, encouraging and supporting the social and cultural heritage and traditions of our society in India as well as globally.
  • Taking proactive measures for the well-being of society, as per needs.